Wyoming Studios


I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hear that we are booked into Wyoming. I know that I won't have to worry about a thing - the clients and respondents will all be taken care of with professionalism and good humour; everything will work first time; anything I need will be on hand and - most importantly - our clients will be left with a good impression of us because they have seen us in a stylish and efficient environment.

Peter Dann - The Nursery

The folks at Wyoming just get it.

They understand the importance of friendly and supportive staff who always call you by name and don't look in the least exasperated when you ask them to show you how to use the remote control for the third time.

They are always present - you don't need to go searching for someone to help you (with that remote).

They know you want paper, pens and flip charts in the room.

They provide state-of-the-art technology as a given, not a special request.

And, most importantly, they take such good care of your clients.

Sue Arnott – CSR

When I think about Wyoming, the first thing that springs to mind is the friendliness that I encounter every time I call them up. Lucy and the team are very easy to deal with, always really helpful when I'm struggling to find a venue and are very patient when we have to wait before confirming bookings.

Considering the studios are on the lower ground floor, they are bright and airy and the fact that they have five means that more often than not, Lucy and her team are able to squeeze us in, even at short notice.

When it comes to technology, Wyoming are always able to help us out with whatever we need; there's no job too complicated for them!

Leila Hewitt - Criteria

It's always reassuring to know that your groups are going to be held at the Wyoming Studios in London. The youthful team there is always welcoming, friendly and calmly in control of everything. The rooms and facilities are fit for purpose and work just fine, but it's the team that makes for a smooth-running event and a comfortable place to be.

Ben Skelton - Quadrangle Research

Wyoming is one of a very select number of favourite viewing studios in central London and the staff are a delight to deal with. Everything is very professional, which makes us feel very much at ease. No request is too small or too big!

Song Smith - The Nursery

Wyoming are my regular first choice for a London studio because I know I can rely on them to go the extra 100 miles and ensure the smooth running of the events I conduct with them. You can't predict every eventuality, but you can trust Wyoming to take care of your business while you're busy elsewhere.

James Alliak-Howlett - Fieldworks

Wyoming is head and shoulders above all other viewing facilities.

Sinead Armstrong – Round Peg

We use Wyoming on a regular basis and we have always been happy with the service provided. The feedback from our clients is that they enjoy visiting the studio for both the facilities that are provided and the way they are looked after by the staff. They have rooms to suit almost every project and we have found that, if something isn't always immediately possible, Wyoming will try to ensure that a solution can be found. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Wyoming to both old and new clients!

Dan Boustead - Mojo Fieldwork