Wyoming Studios

Terms and conditions


Cancellation charges apply to confirmed bookings within the following time periods:

Ten working days - 50% of costs; five working days - 100% of costs.

Working days are defined as a full standard working day from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. For example, canceling a booking on Monday for a session on Friday constitutes four working days.

Wyoming Studios will not make a charge if the studio can be booked for the same dates with similar fees.


Information relating to respondents will remain the property of the field agency or research company, or initial contact. We are not involved in recruitment and are not responsible for the quantity or quality of respondents.


Terms of payment are strictly 30 days from the date of invoice and are subject to VAT. Interest may be charged on late payments and will be calculated using the statutory interest calculator.


All sessions will be audio and video recorded. please state if this is not required.

In the event of no recordings being available (audio or digital) due to any malfunction of equipment, studio hire fees will be refunded or an equivalent replacement booking will be offered.

It is your responsibility to gain participant's consent to being recorded.

Business disruption

Wyoming Studios will accept no responsibility for delays caused by weather, transport difficulties, riot, industrial action, terrorist action, demonstrations or power cuts, or any other circumstance beyond its control. In the event of a dispute arising as a result of a booking, the maximum liability awarded by Wyoming Studios shall be equal to, and no more than, the cost of studio hire.


Wyoming Studios will not be liable for any cost or expenses relating to loss or damage to property incurred by visitors to the premises.